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Custom Murals

A custom mural ranges from $15-$30/sq. ft. depending on the material of the wall, location, time constraints, and level of detail desired.

Price includes the cost of materials, as well as the design phase.

The design phase includes one full color, digital mock-up with up to two revisions. After two revisions, design work is done at $40/hr.

Anti-graffiti and UV resistant top coats are available for an extra charge.

Ornamental Painting

For those that don’t want a detailed mural, but want to enhance their space, ornamental painting is a perfect solution.

Based on repetitive patterns and intentional color pairing, ornamental painting is an aesthetic approach to enhancing your space. This type of work looks great around windows and doorframes, and can also be done to cover a whole wall.


Full walls starts at $20/sq. ft. with a minimum of $1000.

Window and door treatments are calculated in inches, and start at $3/sq. inch.

Floral Restaurant Mural
Fan Leaf Mural

Mural Examples

Reach out for examples or a virtual consultation.

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