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Moon Calendar Lino Prints ~hand embellished~

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Keep track of the full and new moons with my hand made moon calendar print.

These prints start with the new moon in Aries on 4/1 (note that those of you on the west coast will be experiencing the new moon on 3/31 because of the time difference). New moons are represented on the top of the print, as black circles, and the full moons are represented with the full, white circles.

Instead of making these to follow the usual calendar year that many of us use, I decided to start in Aries season ~ the first sign of the zodiac. This way we can start by tracking the new moon in it's "baby" sign, and work our way through the year of the Zodiac. And, because Aries season falls in the spring, the season of waking up, it feels like an appropriate time to begin a new year of observation and reflection.

The prints are completely hand made! I carved the block of linoleum, pulled the prints, and then hand embellish each one with gold ink, making each of these a one of a kind piece of art. Want more or less gold on yours? Just send me an E-mail and I'll be happy to modify.

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