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Rosa Beryl is a visual artist based out of the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts.  As a New England native, her life's work has been deeply inspired and influenced by the lush, green forests and plant life that she spends so much time with.  She received her B.S. in Environmental Design from Umass Amherst, which inspired her to train and become certified in permaculture design as well.  
Although now she spends most of her working time and energy on her art, these educational foundations have continued to shape her painting practice and the way she sees and interacts with the world around her.  

Painting is a way for me to escape to my imaginary utopias.  I weave together the beauty that I find in nature with the visions that I see in my head to create colorful, peaceful moments of joy transcribed onto canvas.  As a way to bring more light into my and the viewer's life, my paintings have a heavy emphasis on light and the way it interacts with the color spectrum.

The plant queendom has guided me through some of life's hardest lessons, and for that, I feel that I owe her my deepest devotion.  At a time when I am witnessing our society disconnect more and more from nature, I pray that my art can inspire people to honor this land, and return to her with gratitude.  Let us go back to the land with care, reverence, and inspiration.

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